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There are multiple investment possibilities in the field of commercial properties, from a commercial premises to get an income that comes from the business that the tenant, to the investment in a small existing shopping center, where prior to your purchase, we will have all the historical and the necessary information on the rents paid by our tenants, the duration of the contracts, the agreed annual rent increases, etc ... This allows us from the outset to obtain rents and obtain ratios of our investment.

There is also the possibility of buying a functioning business, we have a specialist department, which will even allow us to either assume the role of investor and not get involved in day-to-day management, or assume the management of it and be able to apply for a visa to be able to reside in the U.S.

Another possibility is the acquisition of an office building to rent it in its entirety to a company, or to acquire a building and rent it by offices, for example, a building near a hospital can focus on the rental of medical consultations and for auxiliary companies of the health sector, etc.

Example of investment already made:

  • Mixed office and retail building built in 2019 in the city of Orlando.

  • The plant at street level offered for retail has a total of 1,885 square meters.

  • The first floor offered for offices has a total of 966 square meters.

  • Ample parking

  • Adaptable floor configuration for multiple configurations depending on the needs of the tenant.

  • The sum of annual income is: $ 1,781,575.54

  • To find the annual ROI and the total ROI a revaluation of 5% per year is estimated, and an investment horizon of 15 years.

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